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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now at 11. the fast -moving fire burning in el dorado county. east of sacramento. exploded in size overnight. more than doubling. and tonight we're learning more about the man accused of setting that massive fire. the suspect's sister, who lives salinas says, she strongly doubts her brother is responsible and she is shocked good evening i'm pam moore.
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meantime. firefighters are still struggling to get a handle on what's called the king fire. this is a google earth map of the pollock pines area along highway 50. about 50- miles east of sacramento. right now - a part of highway 50 is closed again. this time from pollock pines to riverton. the burn zone is at least 21- miles long and 8- miles wide. and the flames have now into placer county. the fire has burned more than 73-thousand acres. it is 10-percent contained. an improvement from last night. but, nearly 13-thousand structures are still threatened. kron4's jeff bush has a closer look at the firefight from el dorado county. we have 12,000 residences that are under threat from the fire. that equates to about 3000
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people evacuated >> the king fire is still out of control and raging throughout el dorado county. the fire crews are for arriving from as far away as idaho. fix smoke-filled air and made for a spooky environment. the sun was blood red has it shown through the haze. the terrain is rugged and steep. evacuated residents hope their homes are ok. the fire crews will be back at in the morning. and tonight. we are learning more about the man accused of starting the massive wildfire
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in el dorado county. tonight, wayne huntsman's sister is defending his character. saying, she strongly doubts he is responsible for starting the fire. she spoke on camera, but did not i don't believe he is guilty of it and it really shocks me. nobody knows the details or has heard his side of the story. prosecutors are not saying what led him art to the arrest.
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locally we did say a good deal of rain in the santa cruz mountains. this is by far the most we've seen in the bay area. for most of the bay area this little amount is representative of the bay area. it has been a drizzle. there's befog forecasted which could mean rain. in other big news. fairfield police say, a husband
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of a licensed child care provider has been arrested ona child. the suspect is identified as randall edwards. kron 4's philpippe djegal is live in fairfield tonight -- investigation. philippe? pam. police say the alleged molestation happened at an in- home child care business in this and, that it happened about two years ago. neighbors tell us that this man. 50-year-old randall edwards lives in the home. and, online records show the business called "edwards family child care" is registered to angela edwards -- randall's wife. fairfield police say last month they started investigation the possible molestation of a child. police say the girl told investigators the incident happened when she was under 14- years-old. and, that it happened in this home on shearwater way some two years ago. so, today, police served out a search warrant on the home. randall edwards wasn't there at the time. but was later found at a gym in
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vacaville and was placed under arrest. tonight as far as we know, his wife has not been arrested. edwards was booked into the solano county jail for two counts of committing a lewd act on a child. live in fairfield, philippe djegal, kron four news. the san jose polce department released information of another incident. at the home of 49ers defensive end - ray mcdonald. from back in may. this incident happened before his arrest in august. from an alleged domestic dispute involving with his fiancee. authorities say, police responded to a disturbance involving mcdonald and a woman, believed to be his fiance. they say, the woman grabbed a gun during an argument. and when mcdonald threatened to call the police, they say, she took off. there were no arrests and no >> and the best ever to play the position from the 49ers legend
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jerry rice says that his team is making a big mistake letting macdonald play. they should have taken him off the field. it is unfortunate that they have let him play. when you have something that's when you down like that because, it's a very important topic, i feel she should of been taken off the field. mcdonald was arrested for felony domestic of what once. this just in. scottish nationalist leader alex salmond has conceded defeat. in his nation's historic vote on independence from the united kingdom. he says. a majority voted no campaign. deciding against scottish independence from the
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united kingdom. the nationalist leader is calling on the people of scotland to accept the results of the vote. peacefully. the voter turnout average was 86 percent - a record high for any scottish election. people as young as 16- years old.are allowed to vote there. coming up. how antioch business owners are dealing with rowdy teens. the action they're taking to keep the students out of an east bay shopping center plus -- a couple who just returned from cabo. after they share their long journey back home. also -- why a richmond restaurant is begging their customers to post bad reviews on the yelp website.
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president obama is preparing to sign legislation. which authorizes a plan for the military to train and equip syrian rebels. the president says, today's bi-
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partisan senate vote. shows the world, that americans stand united in combating the extremests in iraq and syria. and he re-iterated. u-s troops will not have a combat role on the ground. even though the measure passed. there were many lawmakers from both parties who did not support the action. saying they do not trust the rebels. still ahead. how a bay area restaurant is taking on yelp. why they're accusing the san- francisco based website of doing them wrong. business owners in antioch are that's because of the constant fights which break out. between students at a shopping center near a school there. can't hold my breath ♪ ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here.
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business owners in antioch are taking drastic measures to keep rowdy teens away. that's because of the constant fights which break out. between students at a shopping center near a school there. kron 4's haaziq madyun shows us what police and businesses are doing to try and stop the growing problem. this is cell phone video of deer valley high school students fighting after school b in the parking lot of the deer valley plaza in ogoing problem that has some merchants shutting their doors "when is going to be stopped ? who is going to take care of this? taking care of this situation is not that easy says the superintendant of the anticoh unified school district donald gill "if they're on this private
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property our jurisdiction is limited, our best hope is to educate the students before they leave campus as they're leaving and going home" back in july the property owner sent this letter to antioch police asking for more police presence. however when it comes to patrolling the area after school antioch police chief allan cantando says his officers are doing the best they can with limited resources "what you need to understand iswe have to pull our resources" the owner of lily's nails says some of her customers are really concerned about the situation "everytime they hear fighting outside it just scare them" in the mean time some businesses will turn away paying customers until it is safe again to reopen their doors. in antioch haaziq madyun kron4news
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kron 4 tried reaching the owner of deer valley plaza. to get that side of the story. however the owners have not responded. the owners of the botto bistro are actually asking their customers to leave negative reviews on the site. . the italian restaurant says, it is deliberately trying to get removed from the review site. the owners say. yelp favors businesses which pay for advertising. the owners claim, when they paid for advertising. they got good reviews. but when they opted out. more negative reviews were posted. we have hundreds of one star reduce. i want to be the worse restaurant in this country by far >> yelp has repeatedly said. that the company does not interfere with reviews. although recently, a federal
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court ruled, the san francisco- based review website is allowed happening now. .apple fever hits the bay area. you are looking at the line outside the downtown san and tomorrow -- the wait is over for i-phone fans. the i-phone- six and six - plus until then. dozens of people plan to camp out overnight in anticipation for the latest apple announced earlier this week, it sold a record four- million of the smartphones last friday -- the first day the phones were available for pre- order happening tomorrow. some road closures that will bay. cal-trans will close highway- 37. between state highway- 29 in and state highway- 121 in sonoma county. for repaving work. the roads are expected to reopen at 5 a-m monday. mexican federal police are promising to crack down on lawlessness and restore order. in the resort area of los cabos. that area was hit hard by hurricane odile last weekend.
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one san francisco couple who just returned home today. say they had to endure long lines just to get onto evacuation flights out of cabo. and they shared some of their experience with kron4s philippe >> "when we were standing in line just to get onto an evacuation flight, there was a local woman who worked for one of the airlines, and she sort of came up and told her story, that you know, she lived in a town nearby and a prsion had been destroyed and all the prisoners had escaped and there ws just no police presence, because all of the attention was being ut towards where a lot of the we have posted a special section of the hurricane aftermath on you can check kron-4-dot-com. to hear travelers' tales and a slideshow. showing all the damage left behind. we had some rain of our own overnight but it was very light.
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you can see on the storm track that the storm is gone. tonight we're dealing with fog this party heading back to the coast and will be widespread tomorrow. the fog will clear the tomorrow. the fog is very widespread as you can see. it will be foggy over the whole bay area along the morning. temperatures will be largely in the '70s and '80s tomorrow.
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fairly widespread fog coverage over the next several days. coming into next week we could be talking about more rain. days hold on for dear life regarding the playoffs. and the giants extend their lead in the national league west.
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but the great good evening everybody >> a's/rangers little girl with big hot dog loses part of the bun and she is top 1st/ scoreless sonny gray hangs the breaking pitch to jake smolinski who singles to left roughned odur scores 1-0 rangers final: 7-2 rangers
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a's swept by the team with the worst record in the majors they've lost 15 of their last 20 games with the loss the a's fall out of the top wild card spot to kansas city they are only 1 ½ games ahead of seattle for the 2nd wild cad spot the mariners in a few minutes you can see those standings. looking at our mathematician he looks on over. it's a shame there's a lot alcohol use in the television business. but the numbers they're off and. and look there's a lot alcohol on the tv. i'm just trying to make a joke out of it saying a look another
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screw up on kron4. tied 4-4 in the 7th 5-4 dodgers next batter yasiel puig gets into the act lining an rbi sungle to centerfield gordon scores. 6-4 dodgers. puig had 3 hits after trailing 4-2 coming into the inning the dodgers score 5 runs in the 7th final: 8-4 dodgers with the win the dodgers increase their lead on the giantsto 2 ½ games in the n.l. west i was not true to mye. after 42 years. a broker trust. that's why he resigned. and makes them better to a dead in
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the public apparently. deion sanders in the house for cbs thursday night football
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this shouldn't happen to a dog. >> no, oh, oh, oh. oh. he hit a dog. >> the little dog mowed down during a crazy chase. can gordo be saved? then -- bachelorette party nightmare. trapped by a raging hurricane. >> baby. where are you? >> and what happened when they got out alive. >> whoo! and the red zone. the most dangerous time of the year for college coeds. >> you're in bed, nobody else is around. what are you going to do? what are you going to do? quick. what are you going to do? >> and new video of the missing college coed. >> this is the outdoor mall where that surveillance video was taken. then nanny if hell exclusive. the notorious nanny who wouldn't leave. >> what secret have you be


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